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We’re so excited to have been featured in Redbook magazine, we never want to forget how awesome each and every mention is to us.

Founded in 1903, Redbook was a magazine geared toward women for advice in beauty, fashion, food and anti-aging tips. It printed it’s last columns in 2019 but will never be forgotten in our hearts.

It’s an honor to have been in the pages of this iconic magazine in the early days of our own brand. The community has always been at the forefront of our endeavors. Our Multi-Purpose Ointment has proven to help soothe and nourish the skin of many and our goal is to make this organic product available to as many people as possible. Therefore helping more people experience relief from dry skin and eczema.

“Victoria Kirby, Redbook Beauty Director – I’ve Found The Ultimate Lip Saver! [Waxelene]


Makeup artist Fiona Stiles (she works with Halle Berry) turned me on to Waxelene, ($6.99; amazon.com), an eco alternative to petroleum jelly. “Pat it on before lipstick,” she told me. “It’ll keep your lips soft without melting away the color.” I’ve been wearing it under Mark Lipclick Luxe Shimmer Lipstick in Pink Icing ($12; meetmark.com), and the combo makes the color last for hours.

The Multi-Purpose Ointment is specially formulated to moisturize dry skin while providing a breathable water-proof barrier to allow cuts, rashes and irritations to heal. It is a fast-acting treatment for eczema and psoriasis flare-ups.”

Keeping your makeup perfect is a creative use for Waxelene, we’re happy to see such creative and versatile uses. This is a product you’ll want in your cabinet all the time.We have all experienced having a bathroom cabinet overflowing with different products. That unnecessary clutter can be an eyesore, take up storage space, and can make your skincare routine feel overwhelming. Our Multi-Purpose Ointment has over one hundred different uses.

This means less money spent on products, more storage space, a simple effective skincare routine, and it’s better for the environment!

Our multipurpose jars can be found in Sprouts or shop our online store today. 


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