Facial Care Mud Masks

The skin on your face is exposed to the elements on a daily basis and needs special care. Help to detoxify, cleanse and nourish your face with Waxelene’s natural range of facial care solutions for every type of skin. Use Waxelene Multi-Purpose Ointment in combination with your choice of Waxelene’s natural clay face masks to rebalance and brighten dull, dry skin. 

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You can forget the acid-laden sheet masks and messy homemade skincare. Waxelene’s mud masks are chemical-free and hypoallergenic, making them safe to use on all skin types including sensitive and eczema-prone skin. A curated blend of Bentonite and Kaolinite clay instantly soothes sensitive facial skin, while our carefully selected natural active ingredients work to deliver a variety of nourishing benefits. Our original clay masks come packaged in long-lasting powder form – simply take a scoop and add water to mix to your desired consistency.

It’s important to select the type of mask that best suits your skin type for optimum results. Waxelene’s range of mud masks has been developed specifically to treat a variety of common skin concerns and leave you with clean, nourished skin. 

  • Our Beautifying Mud Mask with Vitamin A is ideal for stimulating blood flow and removing toxins from the skin to leave a glowing complexion. We love this mask as a reset after removing heavy make-up or as a quick skin pick-me-up after a long day. Contains 36 masks in one jar!
  • Tired, lined skin can benefit from our Clarifying Mud Mask – this utilises the natural brightening power of Vitamin C to gently combat wrinkles and under-eye puffiness, while pawpaw helps to banish stubborn spots. Contains 36 masks in one jar!
  • The Detoxifying Mud Mask is ideal for oily-blemish-prone skin with a charcoal-infused blend of Bentonite and Kaolin clays for maximum oil absorption and deep pore cleansing. Contains 36 masks in one jar!

If you’re looking for a daily moisturiser to match, Waxelene’s Multi-Purpose Ointment is ideal for everyday facial use and can be applied anywhere to help heal blemishes and soothe rashes. We also love to use Multi-Purpose Ointment for slugging and at the beach. 

Waxelene products are made with the highest quality, carefully selected natural ingredients with no hidden additives or artificial chemicals, so they’re good for you and for the environment. Shop Waxelene’s guilt-free self-care range of natural clay and charcoal-infused mud masks and other facial care products below.

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    Beautifying Mud Mask

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    Clarifying Mud Mask

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    Detoxifying Mud Mask

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vitamin A help skin?

Products containing Vitamin A can be a great addition to your organic skincare routine due to their ability to repair and strengthen the structure of your skin. Using a Vitamin A mask is recommended for stimulating blood flow to the surface of your skin, increasing the amount of collagen production and slowing down skin breakdown due to ageing and sun damage. Our Beautifying Mud Mask is an ideal clay face mask for wrinkles and dull, dry skin.

What does a Vitamin C mask do?

Vitamin C is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory that works to tighten and brighten the surface of your skin. The antioxidants in a Vitamin C mask accelerate cell turnover, acting as a gentle exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and reduce dark spots and discolouration. We love to use a Vitamin C clay mask for reducing under-eye puffiness. Our Clarifying Mud mask with Vitamin C also contains pawpaw as an active ingredient to assist with clearing impurities and healing blemishes.

What does activated charcoal do for your face?

Used for hundreds of years as a teeth-cleansing product, activated charcoal has recently become popular in skincare circles due to its astonishing absorbent properties. Detoxifying mud masks containing activated charcoal make an excellent addition to your oily or combination skin regime. Using an activated charcoal mask such as our Detoxifying Mud Mask regularly can help to tone down redness, reduce the appearance of pores, dehydrate blemishes and remove excess oil and sebum for a smooth finish. 

What is slugging?

Relax – there aren’t any slimy creatures involved. “Slugging” makes an ideal addition to your skincare regime if you’re prone to very dry facial skin. Simply put, slugging is applying an additional barrier layer on top of your evening moisturizer to keep your face extra hydrated overnight. This occlusive layer is washed off when you wake, resulting in plump, radiant skin with a reduced appearance of dry areas and fine lines.

Waxelene Multi-Purpose Ointment is ideal for use as a slugging barrier – it’s a natural, beeswax-based water-resistant substitute for petroleum jelly.  Our Multi-Purpose Ointment has a smooth aerated texture that still allows your skin to breathe whilst absorbing an additional nourishing blend of natural soy oil, rosemary and Vitamin E.