Eczema Relief Products

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Eczema is an irritating skin condition that can affect people of all lifestyles and ages. It’s not contagious but it can be difficult to cure. Luckily, the discomfort of eczema and dermatitis can be soothed and treated with the right products and routines.

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Compared to most conventional non-prescription eczema relief creams and ointments, Waxelene’s products are natural, organic and beeswax-based. We recommend Waxelene as the best eczema relief ointment, a safe and sustainable alternative to petroleum jelly and synthetic skincare products.

The soft aerated texture of Waxelene Multi-Purpose Ointment makes it easy to apply and, used regularly, helps to relieve common and uncommon eczema symptoms such as dry, cracked skin, itchiness, rashes, bumps and sensitive skin.

Waxelene has created a range of multipurpose ointments that are also ideal for baby skin care and treating eczema in babies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Waxelene's multi-purpose ointment help with eczema?

Waxelene does not cure eczema, however, our multipurpose ointment can help relieve itchy, dry and red skin, as well as other common symptoms associated with eczema. 

Using an emollient – an allergen-free moisturizing product ideal for sensitive skin – is generally the best treatment when suffering from a painful dry skin condition like eczema or dermatitis. This helps to keep the affected skin moist and protected, and able to start healing. Waxelene works so well for eczema itch relief as it recreates the skin’s natural protective barrier.

You can continue to use Waxelene as a daily body moisturizer even when rashes and scales are healed, to keep skin hydrated and prevent future flare-ups.

Why is Waxelene better than petroleum-based products?

Waxelene is a natural alternative to petroleum jelly, meaning it’s less harsh on your skin. Chemicals and other ingredients in petroleum jelly are known to be comedogenic, block pores, and can induce acne and have different impacts. Created as a part of the crude oil refinement process, petroleum jelly is not a sustainable resource and requires industry that has massive environmental impacts.

We use natural beeswax as the base of Waxelene Multi-Purpose Ointment to lock in the moisture provided by soy oil and the soothing effects of rosemary.

The aerated texture of Waxelene means your skin can still breathe and the natural plant-based ingredients work to nourish sore skin alongside the waterproof protection of whipped beeswax. Plus, the ingredients of beeswax and rosemary give Waxelene a subtle, natural scent. (Try our Calming Ointment if you’d like to add additional aromatherapy benefits of lavender.)

Should you cover eczema or let it breathe?

Leaving eczema alone can make it worse! Since so often it is caused by dry skin, it is best to relieve tightness and itching when you can with a nourishing moisturizing ointment. We find Waxelene Multi-Purpose Ointment the best ointment for eczema. Waxelene can be used to assist with wet-wrapping where moisturized skin is covered with a wet bandage or cloth, ideal for overnight treatment to prevent scratching.

Covering eczema outbreaks from extended sun exposure is also essential. If you can’t keep eczema-prone skin in the shade, wear a sun hat and loose, breathable clothing in natural fibres such as cotton to avoid needing to apply sunscreen on affected areas.

It’s important not to scratch eczema plaques and rashes as this can break the skin and lead to further infections. Instead, try to remember to lightly pinch or slap the affected area when itching becomes too hard to ignore.

It’s also a good idea to check with a medical professional or dermatologist if you’re using a barrier eczema ointment such as Waxelene in combination with any prescription or over-the-counter topical eczema treatments.

Where can Waxelene be applied to treat eczema?

Waxelene’s multipurpose ointment can be applied anywhere externally, just avoid eyes and similar areas. The smooth texture means you can apply Waxelene to slightly irritated skin as well as to very itchy areas, even inflamed flaky rashes.

A lot of eczema can flare in the ‘bends’ of your skin – moist areas such as behind knees and in elbows. Waxelene is especially good in these areas where lighter topical treatments can sweat off or brush onto clothing or furniture – the beeswax-based ointment clings to skin and naturally absorbs in over time.

In infants, eczema usually develops on the face – mainly the cheeks, chin, forehead, and scalp, and can flare up in diaper areas. Waxelene Multi-Purpose Ointment is certified organic and crafted from all-natural ingredients, so it’s safe to use anywhere that your baby is experiencing skin distress.