Organic Diaper Rash Ointment

Looking for diaper rash treatment for your little one? Try Waxelene’s organic & petroleum free ointment to help relieve diaper rash and other skin conditions.

It’s normal for babies to have some minor skin irritations in their first few months as their system gets used to life in the outside world. However, diaper rash is a common form of contact dermatitis that can cause discomfort that’s difficult to ignore for both baby and caregiver. It’s important to treat diaper rash quickly and regularly so that it can’t progress to something more serious.

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Luckily, diaper rash can be an easy fix with the right care and products. Waxelene’s Multi Purpose Ointment is recommended as the best diaper rash relief ointment to help with relieving the condition. Used as a baby moisturiser or petroleum jelly alternative, Waxelene’s range of natural, organic products can assist with treating, healing and preventing diaper rash in your little one. Waxelene also offers a Calming Ointment with lavender for immediate irritation relief.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main cause of diaper rash?

New babies haven’t yet been exposed to the world, and the myriad textures, fragrances and products involved in their care can cause allergic skin reactions within their first few months. Even the wet contents of their own diaper can cause problems for a new baby’s skin if they sit in it for too long!

Dry skin is another major cause of diaper rash. Frequent cleaning of the diaper area can mean that it loses much of the skin’s natural oils, which assist with preventing irritation. Similarly, a too-tight nappy can cause problems if it’s chafing against a baby’s skin.

More serious cases of diaper rash may be triggered by other skin infections caused by yeast or bacteria, especially whilst a breastfeeding parent or baby are on antibiotics.

Waxelene’s Multi-Purpose Ointment is an organic and fragrance-free option for parents looking to treat common baby skin conditions. You can use Waxelene as an everyday baby moisturiser that helps prevent diaper rash by creating a barrier against wetness. You can also use Waxelene in combination with a zinc oxide cream (as a petroleum jelly alternative) so that the diaper rash treatment doesn’t rub off so quickly.

Find out more about how best to treat and relieve diaper rash with Waxelene in our Guide to Baby Skincare.

What should you not do with a diaper rash?

  • Do not let your baby sit in a wet nappy if they already have diaper rash – it can only make things worse. It’s important with babies prone to diaper rash that their skin stays clean and well-moisturised. This means changing diapers as soon as possible after they’ve been filled in order to prevent problems caused by the moisture and warmth.
  • Don’t use any products containing artificial fragrances, parabens or phthalates if you can help it, as they’re very common triggers for baby skin irritation. Avoid using baby wipes directly on areas of diaper rash, but instead use warm water and dab gently instead of rubbing.
  • Although environmentally friendly, cloth diapers can cause further irritation to an existing diaper rash – try switching to a moisture-wicking disposable diaper so your baby stays drier for longer.

How long does diaper rash take to heal?

At-home treatments for diaper rash can help to heal the rash in 2-4 days with proper care.

Why is my baby's diaper rash getting worse?

There are a number of reasons why diaper rash could worsen, and every baby is unique. 

It’s not uncommon for diaper rash to be aggravated by a reaction to chemical fragrances and surfactants (soaps) used in clothes washing detergent, baby wipes or baby skincare products. 

Diaper rash can also change as a baby’s diet naturally changes from liquids to solids – different food might cause problems for your baby’s skin when it comes out the other end!

Consider adding some “bare-bottom time” to your diaper changing routine – exposing skin to air is a natural way to help defeat any lingering bacteria.

How do I know if my baby’s diaper rash is serious?

If there is no visible improvement after treatment, your baby could be at risk of their diaper rash becoming more serious. Consult a medical professional if there is no improvement within 5 days of treatment, or if rashes begin to spread rapidly, bleed or ooze. Infections in small children should be taken very seriously. If your baby has a fever, you should consult a medical professional as soon as possible.