Where do I buy Waxelene?

You can buy Waxelene online here. You can find Waxelene at these retail locations.

What makes Waxelene different?

Waxelene is made with a patented aeration process that creates the first ever breathable waterproof barrier. Waxelene creates the same waterproof barrier doctors recommend, but has no petroleum or hydrogenated oils. This allows Waxelene to work better than petroleum jelly because it addresses all three aspects of skin care: a waterproof barrier, breathability and organic, natural oils.

What is Waxelene?

Waxelene is the petroleum jelly alternative – made from natural, pesticide-free beeswax and 3 of the highest quality natural & organic oils.  Waxelene is smooth, rich and creamy. Our patented aeration process allows the skin to breathe.

What can it be used for?

Waxelene can be used for many types of skin issues – from chapped lips to chafing to skin protection! It’s also great for various make-up applications, baby diaper irritation, skin conditions, removing makeup, after shave and many more uses. See our video for more info.

What are the ingredients?

Waxelene has only 4 natural and organic ingredients! Organic GMO-free soy oil, natural & unbleached raw beeswax, natural vitamin E oil and organic rosemary oil. No hidden ingredients, such as synthetic preservatives, dyes, perfumes, or thickeners.

What is the texture like?

Waxelene has a soft, rich, creamy texture that goes on clear and smooth. It protects skin for hours without feeling greasy.

Is there petroleum in it?

NO! There are absolutely no petroleum-based or petroleum-derived ingredients of any kind in Waxelene.

Do the oils come from GMO (genetically modified) sources?

No! Waxelene’s raw ingredients are obtained from certified organic, non-GMO suppliers.

Is it safe for my baby?

Yes! Many of our customers use Waxelene to their child’s skin with great success. Parents may want to do a small spot-test on their child’s skin to make sure that no reaction occurs.

Is it safe for cloth diapers?

Yes! Waxelene is safe for cloth diapers and will wash out.

Can I use it on my pet?

Yes, many of our customers use it on their pet’s skin. Check with your veterinarian first if you are uncertain or if you notice any sort of reaction.

Is it tested on animals?

No! Never have, never will! We are certified cruelty-free by PETA and Leaping Bunny, who are leading animal-rights groups.

How long will my jar/tube stay good?

Waxelene has a “best by” date of 3 years. It may last longer if kept at room temperature or in a cool place. However, avoid leaving Waxelene in a hot location for a length of time, since it is a natural product.

Is Waxelene sustainable?

Yes! Our ingredients are all natural, our facility is powered with 100% wind power, our boxes are all 100% recycled, and we source the most sustainable packaging we can get. We use recyclable glass jars and any plastics used are BPA-free.

Where is Waxelene made?

Waxelene is made in California, USA.

What do people think of Waxelene?

They love it! We get glowing reviews each and every day. See our testimonials by doctors, industry professionals and regular users. Also see our reviews by bloggers, major magazines and other news outlets.


Where can I buy it?

Waxelene can be found at most Whole Foods Markets, CVS, Bed Bath & Beyond, and many other natural foods stores, spas, pharmacies, etc. It is also available in many online retailers such as Anthropologie.com, Abe’s Market, Opensky, Green Cupboards, Target, Herbvive, Walgreen, Spirit Beauty Lounge, Honey Colony, Amazon, waxelene.com, etc. Our store list is growing every day! Please let us know if there is a store you would like us to be in. See our retailers page for more.

When are you going to get Waxelene into a store in my area?

We are working every day to expand into new and underutilized areas nationally and internationally. Please let us know of any stores you would like us to add via our contact page.

Why can’t I buy all sizes of your products in my local store?

Different retailers carry only certain sizes. You can always find all sizes on this website.


How much does it cost to ship Waxelene?

Shipping varies per state.

How do you send Waxelene?

We usually use USPS. Orders usually take 1-5 days to arrive.