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Waxelene Started in San Francisco California with the flagship product “The Petroleum Jelly Alternative”, now known as the “Multi-Purpose Ointment”. This product revolutionized the natural products industry, finding its way onto the shelves of over 15,000 stores. After gaining USDA Organic certification, it is one of the most popular organic personal care products in the US and is sold world wide. 

The environment and community have always been at the forefront of Waxelene’s endeavours. From organic ingredients to sustainable packaging and now removing one pound of plastic from the ocean for each item sold, Waxelene has always made a positive impact on the world.

Waxelene started from the humble beginnings of creating products in the kitchen. They now work with advanced cosmetic labs to create products that will help you solve problems and be a conscious consumer.  Keep up with new product launches and promotions by signing up for the newsletter.

Who we are




We focus on creating the most effective personal care products using only natural and organic ingredients in sustainable packaging.


We Care

The Waxelene team cares! We care about the health of the community, the environment, and you. We want to do the right thing from start to finish. Looking at the long-term big picture is better than trying to capitalize on the short run. Let’s have fun and live our best lives, be the best people we can be, and give back to those in need. 


The Waxelene team goes the extra mile to bring you the most luxurious and effective formulations at the best possible prices. Using our patented aeration process and extra love, we make breathable, soothing botanical ointments for all of your skin care needs and more!


Create the most effective personal care products using only pure, natural and organic ingredients.



  • Organic Ingredients 100% 100%
  • Environment Friendly 100% 100%
  • Community 100% 100%
  • Sustainable Packaging 100% 100%
  • Giving Back 100% 100%

Meet our team

Todd Cooper

Todd Cooper

ceo & founder

Polene Bee

Polene Bee

Marketing Director

Polene Bee

Polene Bee

Customer Service

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