About Waxelene:
In the heart of San Francisco, California, Waxelene began its journey with the revolutionary “Petroleum Jelly Alternative,” now celebrated as the “Multi-Purpose Ointment.” This groundbreaking product transformed the landscape of natural skincare and quickly earned a spot on the shelves of over 15,000 stores including wholefoods and Sprouts Farmers Market. Today, boasting USDA Organic certification, it stands as a flagship in the organic personal care realm, adored by users worldwide.

Our Commitment to Planet and People:
At Waxelene, our commitment to the environment and community has always guided our path. From carefully sourced organic ingredients to eco-friendly packaging, we’ve consistently aimed to make a positive impact. Going beyond, we allocate 2% of our sales to combat ocean-bound plastic, showcasing our dedication to sustainability, a healthier planet and being plastic neutral.

From Kitchen Creations to Innovative Labs:
Rooted in humble beginnings, Waxelene initially crafted products in the kitchen. Now, collaborating with advanced cosmetic labs, like SkinSafe, we develop solutions that empower you to solve skincare challenges while being a conscious consumer.

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Join Our Mission:
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Who we are




We focus on creating the most effective personal care products using only natural and organic ingredients in sustainable packaging.



We Care

deeply about your skin’s well-being and overall health.


is to provide natural, effective, and sustainable skincare solutions that enhance your skin’s vitality and radiance.

What we do

create revolutionary products, like our Multi-Purpose Ointment and Mud Mask Pack, using organic ingredients and innovative processes. We’re committed to promoting healthy, beautiful skin while staying environmentally conscious and contributing to positive change.



  • Organic Ingredients 100% 100%
  • Environment Friendly 100% 100%
  • Community 100% 100%
  • Sustainable Packaging 100% 100%
  • Giving Back 100% 100%