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How to Get These Free Waxelene Products?

Have you ever wished for free Waxelene products? Well, now that wish can become a reality!

Whether you love Waxelene or have never tried it this giveaway is for you. This is a great way to test out new organic products, stock up on all of your favorites, or even discover new uses for an old staple!

We have set up an easy-to-use giveaway page to make that makes enrolling quick and easy! All you will need to do is provide your email address and follow at least two of our social media accounts, it’s that simple! Once the countdown is over we will randomly select a winner and contact them and arrange for the prize to be delivered to an address of their choice within America.

What Products are Included in the Giveaway?

Large Jar of Multi-Purpose Ointment (9oz) valued at $49.99, Calming Ointment valued at $23.99, Lip Tube Multi-Purpose Ointment valued at $11.99, and the Beautifying Mud Mask valued at $24.99.

Multi-Purpose Ointment: The Multi-Purpose Ointment is made of just four natural ingredients that provide lasting nourishment and hydration for the skin. However, it is our unique patented aeration process that is the true hero of the Multi-Purpose Ointment. By infusing air particles in the ointment, pores are not clogged and the skin is able to absorb air (which the skin needs to heal) and release toxins. The result? Eczema and psoriasis-prone skin is able to heal and stay hydrated for long periods.



Calming Ointment: The Calming Ointment is made from just five organic ingredients which means it’s not just soothing and replenishing, but also fast acting. Our patented aeration process is used in our Calming Oil to make it more effective. That way, your skin is able to detoxify without clogged pores, and this allows greater absorption of oxygen. The result? Sensitive skin and eczema-prone skin are able to recover and remain hydrated for longer periods.



Beautifying Mud Mask: The Beautifying Mud Mask is made of just five natural ingredients that provide a balanced facial treatment. The minerals revitalize skin cells while the negatively charged ions bind to toxins, oils, and dirt, then pull them from deep skin pores.



Lip Tube: The Lip Tube is made of the same four natural ingredients as our original international best-seller Multi-Purpose Ointment. The only difference is the consistency. The Lip Tube is not as thick as the original ointment so it rolls on the lips smoothly. This is perfect for chapped lips!




How Will the Winner Be Chosen?

The winner will be chosen at the end of the countdown from those who have followed or subscribed to at least two of our social media platforms, entered their email, and have a shipping address inside the US. Find us on:


Waxelene Multi-Purpose Ointment Uses

Waxelene’s Multi-Purpose Ointment is a deep moisturizer made with only four organic ingredients: organic beeswax, organic vitamin e, organic rosemary oil, and organic soybean oil. It glides on smoothly providing a protective barrier that lets skin breathe and helps to keep skin soft and youthful. It can be used in several ways to improve the appearance of your skin.

In addition to being the best ever moisturizer, Waxelene Multi-Purpose Ointment has many other beneficial properties. Here are a few of the most popular uses:



What Makes Waxelene so Special?

Waxelene started from the humble beginnings of creating products in the kitchen in San Francisco CA. They now work with advanced cosmetic labs to create products that will help you solve problems and be a conscious consumer. With the flagship product “The Petroleum Jelly Alternative”, now known as the “Multi-Purpose Ointment” is revolutionizing the natural products industry and is now in 15,000+ stores! It has US Organic certification and it’s the most popular organic personal care product in the United States.

The environment and community have always been at the forefront of Waxelene’s endeavors. With organic ingredients, sustainable packaging, and an initiative to remove ocean-bound plastic from the environment with proceeds going towards worthwhile causes, you can rest at ease knowing that your new skincare products are environmentally conscious and cruelty-free!

But what really sets Waxelene’s products apart is their effectiveness with such a small number of organic ingredients. This is thanks to their patented aeration process, which helps create a waterproof protective barrier that still allows the skin to breathe!

What to Expect After Using the Multi-Purpose Ointment:

Say goodbye to dry, itchy, irritated skin. The Multi-Purpose Ointment is specially formulated to moisturize dry skin while providing a breathable water-proof barrier to allow cuts, rashes, and irritations to heal. It is a fast-acting treatment for eczema and psoriasis flare-ups.

This silky smooth natural ointment is certified organic, petroleum-free, and hypoallergenic. It is safe for infants and children – with thousands of moms saying they can’t live without it! Your dry dull skin will be transformed into a hydrated glowing complexion!

What to Expect After Using the Calming Ointment:

Say goodbye to dry, itchy, irritated skin. We made the Calming Ointment in collaboration with mom of six, Hilaria Baldwin, who swears by our original Multi-Purpose Ointment. The Calming Ointment is simply a lavender version of our international best-seller Multi-Purpose Ointment. It is specially formulated to moisturize dry skin while providing a breathable water-proof barrier to allow cuts, rashes and irritations to heal. It is a fast-acting moisturizer for eczema and psoriasis flare-ups.

The true hero of the Calming Ointment is its beautiful lavender oil infusion. The soothing lavender aroma relaxes and calms even the most rambunctious moods of little ones suffering irritated and itchy skin. Lavender oil also contains antimicrobial and antifungal properties that will kill bacteria causing eczema.

The whole family will have thriving skin in a matter of days with the Calming Ointment! That means no more sleepless nights itching, no more hiding rashes in photos and you won’t even need to worry about certain fabrics irritating skin.



What to Expect After Using the Beautifying Mud Mask:

Say goodbye to oily, dirty skin. The Beautifying Mud Mask is specially formulated to remove toxin build-up on the skin and leave a glowing complexion.

The Beautifying Mud Mask is a dry blend of exotic clays with vitamin A and turmeric for a luminous glow ritual!

This natural mud mask is chemical free and hypoallergenic. It is safe for all skin types including sensitive, eczema, and psoriasis-prone skin.


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Now, Don’t Miss Out

It’s time to try your luck and enter the draw! You won’t want to miss your first chance to win these amazing prizes! Also, make sure to share the giveaway with all of your friends and family that love Waxelene!


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