100% Satisfaction guarantee

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! have you heard all of the great reviews? are you wondering if waxelene is right for you? give it a try! If you don’t fall in love, send it back and we will refund your money. if only everything in life had that guarantee…

Delivery Speed

All orders are typically shipped in 1-2 business days. we use standard ground from all carriers for standard orders. if you selected expedited shipping at checkout, the order will be sent with 1-2 day delivery. if your order is taking longer than expected please email info@waxelene.com and we will get it sorted.

Free Shipping in The US, Canada and Australia

We currently offer free shipping in the US, Canada and Australia. Purchase on this website is not available to shipping addresses outside US, Canada or Australia. 

Take a picture

if you have any issues with your products or delivery, please send us a picture. it will help us identify the issue and avoid it in the future. we want you to have an excellent experience every time you buy and use waxelene! email info@waxelene.com and we will get it sorted.