Aerated balm: The Evolution of a Timeless Classic

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We are thrilled to announce an exciting update! What you previously knew as the petroleum jelly alternative, soothing botanical jelly, and multi-purpose ointment, now comes under a new name: AERATED BALM

The 4-ingredient formula you know and love remains unchanged and will always be the Original. You’ll continue to experience the same exceptional benefits you’ve always enjoyed, now with a fresh, new identity.



Our Unique Patented Aeration Process

What sets this ointment apart is our patented aeration process: a unique technique infusing tiny air particles into the formula. This creates a silky, breathable, and nourishing barrier, making it an ideal choice, especially for sensitive skin.

Our natural and organic formula is free from harsh chemicals and toxins, crafted with four key ingredients:

Organic Beeswax: Acts as a natural emollient, providing a protective barrier to the skin. It helps lock in moisture, soothe dryness, and promote skin hydration.

Organic Vitamin E: A powerful antioxidant, Organic Vitamin E helps protect the skin from free radical damage. It also supports skin health by promoting collagen production.

Organic Soybean Oil: Rich in essential fatty acids, Organic Soybean Oil helps moisturize and condition the skin. It is known for its emollient properties.

Organic Rosemary Oil: Rosemary oil has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. It may help soothe and rejuvenate the skin while providing a pleasant aroma.



The Benefits of the Waxelene aerated balm

All of these ingredients work together to create a gentle and effective solution for common skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, diaper rash, and more. Waxelene products are also hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, making it safe for even the most sensitive skin. The beneficial ingredients in our aerated balm provide a natural and effective solution. By choosing natural and organic ingredients, you can rest assured that you’re providing the best possible care for your skin.



Why the name change?

None of the other names tell the story of this one-of-a-kind product. Since Waxelene became so popular, other companies have created “Multi-Purpose” ointments. None of them use our patented process and therefore, none of them will have the breathability and effectiveness of the Waxelene Aerated Balm.

It’s not only the patent that prevents others from using our process, it’s the time. The process is extensive and laborious. This means it is much more expensive to make. Most of our competitors are convinced that people only want to buy the cheapest things they can find. They literally put petroleum waste products in the cheapest packages they can find and label it as personal care. That’s why they won’t use our process, it’s too much work for them and too expensive.

Waxelene products are crafted to be the best using the highest quality ingredients. We don’t compromise or cut corners.

The versatility of Waxelene aerated balm knows no bounds:

Dry Skin
Chapped Lips
Eczema and Psoriasis
Diaper Rash
Soften cuticles
Cradle Cap
Minor Scrapes and Burns
Dandruff Relief
Night Cream
Makeup Remover
Hair Gel / Styling
Beard and Moustache Care
Split Ends
After Tattoo Care
After gardening
Pet Care
+ more


Choosing Quality and Transparency in Skincare

In today’s marketplace, consumers are increasingly aware that their skin absorbs the chemicals they apply. This awareness underscores the importance of opting for organic skincare products like Waxelene. By choosing products made with natural ingredients and avoiding harsh chemicals, individuals can prioritize both skin health and overall well-being. Waxelene stands out as a beacon of transparency, clearly listing its natural ingredients and offering a safer alternative to petroleum-based products. Embrace the confidence of knowing that each application of Waxelene aerated balm provides gentle care without compromise, setting a new standard in natural skincare excellence.



A Sustainable Future

Beyond its exceptional products, Waxelene remains committed to sustainability in every aspect of its operations. From eco-friendly packaging choices to responsible ingredient sourcing, we strive to minimize its environmental footprint while maximizing the benefits to its customers and the planet.

It’s impossible to use “plastic free” packaging. Even glass jars have to be wrapped in plastic bags to ship them. A lot of these decisions are out of our control. We do everything we can to minimize our use of plastic despite the challenges.

In addition, we remove ocean-bound plastic from the waterways by sponsoring cleanup projects. Waxelene has been responsible for removing over 10,000 pounds of plastic from the waterways in the past four years.

Here is what customers are saying about the aerated balm:

“I think I stumbled unto this product while I was doing some kind of search on Google one day, and when I read about it, I did get a little curious as to whether or not this would actually be good. With that said, I took a chance and bought this here on Amazon, and let me just say that this is a very cool alternative to petroleum jelly, which I won’t use because of how harmful it is. First and foremost, it smells great, and it doesn’t feel greasy at all on your skin, which is a big plus. Also, it’s really smooth and you don’t need a lot of it when you apply it. With petroleum jelly, you’ll find that you will have to apply a bit more of that, than you would with the Waxelene. Another great thing about this, obviously, is that it only contains natural ingredients like the organic rosemary oil, vitamin e, and beeswax, which is a great benefit for your skin and overall health in general. This stuff can be used in quite a few other ways too, which makes it a really good buy for your money. I’ll definitely be back on Amazon to buy more of this, once my first jar runs out. As long as you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients in Waxelene, I honestly recommend taking a chance on this product and trying it out for yourself. Thanks to Amazon for carrying this product!!

“Well…this stuff is just the best kept secret out there. I have waited a while to write a review because I am always concerned that my favorite little natural products will get too popular and then swallowed up by one of the corporate big guys only to change their formula and ruin my life! But alas, it is selfish of me to keep this little gem to myself. Simple put, this is the BEST vaseline alternative out there. Hands down. I have used other options because I love what vaseline does. It is a perfect skin protectant and moisture barrier. I discovered that using vaseline was an excellent preventor of diaper rash when my kids were babies and staved me off from having to use those medicinal creams. It also was a great overnight option for my very dry feet or our family’s chapped lips. But then I became leary of petroleum jelly and how it may harm out bodies. So I set out to find a petroleum-free product. I have tried all the options found in big-box stores but most feel VERY sticky and waxy. baby-ganics makes a decent one, but I didn’t like it enough to keep buying it once my little one was older. So I kept searching. Funnily enough, this one is called Waxelene and it is the least waxy of them all! It has a perfect texture. It is thick and very pronounced like you would expect from something that is a petroleum jelly alternative, but it doesn’t leave you feeling like a lint-roller once you have applied it. I initially bought it in the small tubes in a local store to try it as a lip balm. I then became obsessed and bought them for everyone I knew….AND THEN I FOUND THE JAR! BUY THE JAR! You will love it. It has a clean, pleasant smell, a small dab works great on the lips and it eventually absorbs. It provides the moisture barrier that you are looking for, but you can feel really good about knowing that it’s safe. BUY the Jar…trust me!”

“The skin on the T-zone area of my face is constantly flaking, itchy and red. And sometimes it goes into my eyebrows which makes it look like I have dandruff on my face. I’ve tried so many different products (prescription eczema creams/ointments, creams for dermatitis, nivea soft creme, sensitive facial lotions, vaseline…etc) and nothing else has helped! I saw a smaller sized bottle of this at Bed, Bath and Beyond…so I decided to give it a try since I already love beeswax candles and lip products. I loved it to much that I opted to get this larger sized bottle from Amazon. I had used this product for about a week and my T-zone has not flaked or itched at all! This does not irritate my skin (and believe me, I have very sensitive skin and have had severe eczema growing up). It does leave a slight sheen on your skin but it’s not as shiny as petroleum jelly so you’re able to head out the door without looking like a baby that just got buttered up by mom. It has a very faint sweet smell from the beeswax and the rosemary adds a nice touch. Don’t worry about the scent being overpowering as it is very faint and pleasant smelling (although, my husband who doesn’t have allergies claimed he could not smell it at all). I will definitely be a lifetime customer to this product seeing as it has many different uses for it.

Join Our Journey

As Waxelene looks to the future, our commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability remains unwavering. We invite you to discover the transformative power of Aerated Balm and join us in redefining skincare with natural excellence.

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