5 DIY upcycle ideas for your Waxelene glass jars at home

Apr 26, 2024Sustainability0 comments

Empty Waxelene glass jars can be repurposed to help the planet. Let’s recycle and make a difference! With creativity, they can be transformed into useful household pieces.

Here are five ideas to recycle and repurpose your Waxelene glass jars in ingenious ways!



1. Rustic-style candle holders

Turn your Waxelene glass jars into beautiful rustic candle holders. Simply wash and dry the empty jars, then wrap jute twine around the neck of the jar and tie a decorative bow. Fill the bottom of the jar with sand or pebbles and place a small candle in the center. Perfect for illuminating your evenings with a cozy, natural touch!




2- Swap plastic tupperware for glass jars

In a world where sustainability meets convenience, Waxelene glass jars emerge as a clever option. These jars shine as versatile containers for your meals. Why settle for plastic tupperware when you can opt for the purity of glass? Beyond contributing to environmental care, glass jars help preserve food better, ensuring freshness for longer. Whether you’re packing lunch for the office or enjoying a picnic day outdoors, the ease of transporting these jars is unmatched. Join the eco-conscious movement and make glass your choice for a healthier, more sustainable life!




3- Kitchen / desk organizers

Maximize space in your kitchen or desk by using Waxelene glass jars as storage containers. Paint the jars with brightly colored or neutral spray paint to match your space decor. Once dry, use them to store cuddlery, pens, pencils, clips, etc. Keep your space tidy and fashionable at the same time!




4- Planters for small plants

Looking for a creative way to display your small plants? Repurpose your Waxelene glass jars as charming planters. Fill the jars with potting soil and plant your favorite succulents or herbs. Place or hang the planters on shelves to add a touch of greenery to any space. A simple and inexpensive way to bring life to your home!




5- Sewing kit

To make a pincushion sewing kit, cut fabric to fit a jar lid, and cut cardboard slightly smaller. Place fabric upside down, add stuffing, then cardboard circle on top. Use hot glue to secure fabric around the cardboard, ensuring it’s tight for a puffy pincushion, then glue the pincushion onto the lid. Once dry, place it back onto the jar. Now, your sewing kit is ready for pins, threads, scissors, and more!



With these creative ideas, your empty Waxelene glass jars will become unique and functional pieces for your home! Remember to always wash and dry the jars thoroughly before repurposing them, and let your imagination soar to find new ways to give them a second life.


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