Petroleum Free and Organic Skin Care Products

Bring your skin back to nature with Waxelene’s range of petroleum-free skincare and soothing ointments.

Waxelene’s skin-loving petroleum-free ointments are crafted from naturally water-resistant beeswax, offering a sustainable and healthier alternative compared to heavily processed chemical and refined petrolatum products. Shop our organic beeswax skin care products below.

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Petroleum jelly has been in use for decades as an all-purpose occlusive, locking in skin’s moisture to promote healing. Discovered in the 1800’s as a part of the crude oil manufacturing process, petroleum jelly is now known to be an environmentally unsustainable ingredient that can be harsh on your skin and even cause issues with the body’s natural healing processes. Don’t worry – there is an alternative!

Subtly scented with honey and rosemary from our organic active ingredients, Waxelene’s aerated wax-based Multi-Purpose Ointment can be used anywhere that you might have previously used petroleum jelly – think beeswax skin care, lip care, hair styling, on burns and abrasions, or as a deep moisturising treatment for dry skin conditions.

Waxelene has also created a range of organic, petroleum-free baby skin care products and multipurpose ointments, perfect for helping relieve skin conditions, rashes and scrapes.

Shop our best-selling beeswax skincare products and be assured that they’re completely free of petroleum and other harsh chemicals, keeping your family safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good substitute for petroleum jelly?

Refined petroleum jelly is a thick mineral oil that many companies market as a general-purpose skin treatment. However, petroleum jelly is ultimately a refined byproduct of crude oil processing – not an industry many of us want to support, let alone spread on our bodies. Byproducts of raw petroleum include mineral oil, paraffin wax, petrolatum, naphtha, and formaldehyde.

We love beeswax as a natural alternative to petroleum jelly. Beeswax is 100% natural and organic—and it’s also sustainable, so you can feel good about using it. With a unique scent and inbuilt moisturizing properties, beeswax skin care products make a wonderful alternative to petrolatum-based products such as petroleum jelly. This is what led us to create the original Waxelene Multi-Purpose Ointment, which not only provides an occlusive layer to lock in moisture but works underneath to support the skin’s natural healing processes with soothing soy oil and rosemary.

What are the disadvantages of using petroleum jelly?

Petroleum jelly is a petroleum byproduct that has been heavily processed to create a thick substance that can be used as a lubricant or moisturizer. While it may seem like a good idea at first glance, petroleum jelly’s potential side effects make it an unappealing option for regular skincare.

Petroleum jelly is not a substitute for other skin care choices, including a quality moisturizer. It may even make some skin conditions worse by preventing the skin’s automatic healing functions and slowing healing time.

When should you not use petroleum jelly?

Petroleum jelly can be irritating to your skin if you use too much of it, or if you use it over an extended period of time. Some petroleum-based products sold in the USA may not even be fully refined and still contain traces of toxic chemicals and carcinogens.

It is not recommended to use topical petroleum jelly on severe wounds or skin conditions, as the same product that prevents the wound from drying out stops air from getting to the injury to begin the healing process.

Petroleum jelly is also not recommended for use with condoms, as the oil-based solution affects the structural integrity of latex, or as a sexual lubricant, as jars can be easily contaminated and spread bacteria.

In addition, using petroleum jelly on your face – even varieties marked as non-comedogenic – can cause blocked pores and lead to acne or a worsening of the original condition.

Why is beeswax better than petroleum?

These days, we should all be thinking about the ingredients we put in and on our bodies. The skin is the largest organ in our body, and what we put on it can affect all other parts of our health, which is why organic skincare has become a popular choice for those worried about environmental toxins and ongoing sustainability.

Beeswax is a petroleum jelly alternative that is naturally and sustainably derived from honeybees, and it’s an excellent moisturizer for your skin. It’s also completely organic, which is great for anyone who wants to avoid using chemical-based products on their body.

Ultimately petroleum and crude oil byproducts are both unsustainable and harm our oceans and planet. Why not switch from your old, greasy jar of petroleum jelly to organic skincare with Waxelene Multi-Purpose Ointment today – your skin and the environment will thank you!