Multi-Purpose Moisturising and Soothing Ointment Products

Moisturize and soothe your face and body skin with the natural protection of Waxelene’s Multi-Purpose ointments.

Our international best-selling Waxelene Multi-Purpose Ointment is an all-natural beeswax alternative to petroleum-based products, and is a versatile, family-friendly solution for a range of skin care needs. The smooth, aerated texture of our original Multi-Purpose Ointment is gentle on dry and inflamed skin, and provides a hydrating barrier to further protect your skin and face from harsh elements.

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It can also help relieve and treat the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and a host of other skin conditions, providing relief and comfort throughout the day.

Because our multi-purpose ointment is 100% natural, petroleum free, and hypoallergenic, it is safe and effective for your baby’s or child’s skin care needs, including cradle cap and diaper rash. Organic ingredients including soy oil and rosemary work in tandem to provide an effective solution for everything from aftershave to tattoo care. Keep Waxelene on you at all times with our Multi-Purpose Ointment Travel Jar, ideal for the handbag, backpack or diaper bag.

Waxelene’s Multi-purpose Ointment is crafted from all-natural beeswax, known for its inbuilt healing properties. Petroleum and chemical-based ointments and moisturizers can use harsh ingredients that ultimately leave your skin feeling dry and irritated. We’ve created a sustainable skincare solution that contains no artificial ingredients, making it the perfect natural moisturising choice for hard-working, dry, damaged or sensitive skin. Our customers find Waxelene handy for a huge variety of purposes – so we made it easy to stock up with a Multi-Purpose Ointment Value Pack.

Shop our range of hydrating ointments below and provide your family’s skin with the care and protection it needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is skin ointment used for?

There are many reasons to use skin ointment, but most commonly, it is used to moisturize dry skin and treat irritation caused by environmental skin damage or common skin conditions. 

Waxelene’s Multi-Purpose Ointment is specially formulated to soothel, rejuvenate and rehydrate your skin, face, and lips, as well as treat a wide variety of skin-related issues. Using the natural healing properties of beeswax, our moisturizing ointment can provide relief for chapped lips, dry and irritated skin and can even act as a daily moisturizer. Because of its patented aeration process and the anti-inflammatory properties of beeswax, Waxelene Multi Purpose Ointment is also effective against various skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and more. It can also be used to help protect minor cuts and burns.

As our products are petroleum-free and hypoallergenic, they’re perfectly safe and effective for children and infants experiencing cradle cap, diaper rash, or eczema. Waxelene can also be used as an aftershave, night cream, or makeup remover. 

What is the difference between an ointment and a cream?

The main difference between an ointment and a cream is the ratio of water and oil-based ingredients. Ointments tend to be 80% oil-based ingredients, while creams contain a 1:1 ratio of oil and water. Waxelene’s Multi-Purpose Ointment contains a high proportion of natural beeswax, which protects and preserves the moisture in your skin for longer than a standard skin cream.

Thicker hydrating ointments prevent more water from escaping the treated area, ultimately providing better hydration than a cream. This extra hydration in Waxelene is provided from beeswax – the waterproof solution is less easily absorbed into the skin and instead forms a protective barrier against dehydration, germs, and the environment. Creams, on the other hand, are best used to moisturize large body areas, as they are more easily applied. 

If you’re looking for products beyond our best-selling organic ointment, you can check out our whole Waxelene range of beeswax-based skincare.

What ointment should I use for dry skin?

Ointments with a high concentration of naturally occurring oils, such as jojoba or soy oil, are particularly effective at rehydrating dry skin and preventing moisture loss. Make sure to use naturally occurring ingredients and avoid chemical or petroleum-based products which may lead to further irritation. Our Multi-Purpose Ointment is excellent at rejuvenating and hydrating dry skin, lips and face while providing the healing benefits of beeswax.

Is petroleum jelly a natural ingredient?

Petroleum jelly or petrolatum is refined from crude oil and is a byproduct of the oil industry and petroleum production. While ultimately, crude oil is derived from biological sources, petroleum jelly is not sustainable, environmentally friendly, or found naturally occurring without refinement and processing. Some petroleum jelly products may not have been originally designed for skincare application and can include harmful chemicals and harsh ingredients, which can cause further dryness and irritation.

As a result, some people may experience irritation or allergies when using petroleum-based skincare products.

What is a good alternative to petroleum jelly?

Waxelene’s original Multi-Purpose Ointment is a sustainable and 100% natural alternative to petroleum jelly or Vaseline. Our petroleum-free ointment is made from beeswax which is sustainably sourced through natural processes. Beeswax has been found to be anti-inflammatory and contains nutrients such as fatty acids, antioxidants, and Vitamin A, all of which nourish and protect the skin against pollutants.