As someone who uses petroleum jelly almost daily, I was excited to try a natural and eco-friendly alternative. Waxelene is just AMAZING! Not only did it moisturize but i also loved the scent. I used it on my feet, legs, elbows, lips, pretty much everywhere and went through the 2 little samples quickly, even kept one in my purse. Will definitely purchase and throw out my petroleum jelly.

--Courtney H

I love this stuff, I put it on my hands and feet at night and it has helped so much with my dry skin. Love it, use it at night and do not need to constantly use lotion during the day. My nails are even growing again because they are not as dry and brittle.

--Jennifer W

Waxelene is the perfect substitute for petroleum jelly. In fact I'd go so far as to say that it's superior to petroleum jelly. Also made in the U.S. you can't say that to much anymore. I love this so much that I made sure I told everyone about Waxelene.

--Betsy S

This product works great! I first tried it on my chapped lips and it worked just as good as any lip balm I have tried. It is wonderful after gardening or heavy duty cleaning when your hands get really dry. The best use I found for this product in the short time I had it was when I dyed my hair, it works perfectly around the hairline and ears to decrease staining without any residue. I would buy this product to add to my beauty arsenal and never use petroleum jelly again.

--Kay J

I was a bit skeptical of this since it is derived from wax instead of the regular jelly. But it worked just as well as the petroleum jelly. I put it on my hands at night and they feel really soft the next morning. I would recommend if you are trying to get away from the petrol products and switch to something natural.


Love this product. I have very dry/cracked hands.The application of this product was easy and non greasy. It absorbs well into the skin and the dryness dissappears. I gave my second sample to a co-worker for her granddaughter who has very chapped hands. It has no scent and no irritation, so I felt that this product would be perfect for her. I plan on purchasing this product and since I work in a pharmacy, I will start recommending this to our customers. I hope I can order it for the pharmacy.

--Kathleen O

This product is great! I wash my hands several times a day and they end up dried and cracked often. After applying waxelene for just two days my hands were back to being nice and smooth. This product is also great to use as a chap stick. Waxelene doesn't leave a greasy feeling when used and soaks into the skin nicely. I will definately be using this in the future.

--Chelsea M

I had a rash around my nose used waxelene to add moisture, It worked very well and smoothed the cracking at the same time... Also used it to remove eye make-up worked perfect. i give it an A +

--Amanda C

I received two samples of this product. I was very surprised that I would like it as much as I do. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that has dry skin patches or even chapped lips. It worked wonders on me and my family. Rough dry skin became smooth and soft, without giving us that greezy oily feeling that you get from Petroleum jelly. I will be adding this product to our must have on hand items!!

--Tracy H

I was super excited to try this product. Waxelene is awesome I used it on my chapped lips and on my hands. My lips felt less chapped and as a nurse I am frequently washing my hands so waxelene helped heal my sore hands. Definitely recommend this product!

--Melissa J

Great petroleum jelly alternative and works oh so well. Use on dry skin or cracked skin. Also good for little ones who wear diapers to help prevent diaper rash. This contains no petroleum or hydrogenated oils and it works beautifully... High marks for sure on this one!

--Jennifer S

Waxelene is an amazing product ! If you suffer from dry skin,chapped lips, chafe skin then this is for you..No greasy feeling it goes on clear and keeps your skin smooth. I really love this product for the summer when us ladies chafe in certain areas of our bodies ;) and this will do wonders for it. I love the fact that it is petroleum free and not tested on Animals which is a big plus for me... Waxelene is the go to product for all your personal needs..it's even great for the babies for diaper rash protection. I really recommend this product if you are always using lip balms that just never really do the job and is filled with tons of chemicals..this is your all natural solution for dry lips.I really love this product and will now use it for all my beauty needs.. even removing make up with out damaging my skin from harsh make up removers!

--Donna K

I started using Waxelene when i first got it in the mail. It is beyond amazing. Waxelene made my lips super soft with out the greasy mess of normal petroleum jelly. I also love the fact that it is able to be used for more than just chapped lips!!! I highly recommend this product! Thanks for letting me try this amazing product! :D

--Tara Marie G

When I first heard about Waxelene, I was a little hesitant because I've never been one for Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline. I always hated the sticky, slimy texture and the odor. With Waxelene, you're getting a natural version without the stick and grime. I could apply this to my lips without it feeling icky and disgusting. I love this for a quick, over-all product. I loved this and I will definitely recommend it. I'll keep my eyes peeled for it on the shelves! I love it!


This alternative for petroleum jelly was amazing. It worked quite well and effective for its job. I loved the texture that it was in and would not mind purchasing a couple of these jars to be a key to my moisturizing for the seasons ahead. I used it on my lips, elbows and knees and def saw a difference in smoothness that it aided me with. I loved this product.


This really works, it has made my skin very soft and smooth. I had very dry skin and nothing else seemed to help, but when I received Waxelene sample I didn't really believe it would work, but it does. I have used it 3 times and already it has made my skin very soft and there is no flakiness going on.

--Angela B

I love this new product I got from Swaggable.com -- it's called Waxelene! At first I was skeptical but after trying Waxelene why would you want to use the other stuff! When I saw the product ad for the very first time I thought it was something for waxing eyebrows or legs. But it's for anything you'd use Petroleum Jelly for... and much better! It's a multi-purpose, non-petroleum product that is great for dry skin, use on chafed areas, as a lip balm, after shave, skin protectant, for diaper changing, and around the eyes as a moisturizer at night. It's not greasy and goes on clear. And it's biodegradable. This product is doctor recommended, not tested on animals, and it's made in the USA!! The ingredients are Organic Soy Oil, Beeswax, Natural Vitamin E Oil, and Rosemary Oil. It has a nice very light natural scent, is safe to use even with children and pets, and it works great. Bye-bye Vaseline, I'm going to use All Natural, Organic, Waxelene!

--Linda S

I took a suggestion from Redbook magazine to use waxelene before putting on my lipstick for a longer wear. It gave a much creamier feel and kept my lips feeling moisturized for much longer than just using lipstick alone. I'll be looking for more ideas soon!

--Kai Wehde

It's a great all natural alternative to petroleum jelly. It smells great and
it's really useful on coarser textures
for styling and moisturizing
your hair without leaving your hair greasy. I can't wait to find more
uses for waxelene, I love it.


This, first of all, smells so much better than petroleum jelly. The texture is very smooth and not oily at all. I would purchase this product over the jelly. I like that it is made in America too!

--Carrie M

I received a sample of Waxelene from Swaggable. The first thing I noticed that it is made in the USA! Love that, and that it is all natural with only a handful of ingredients that I know and trust and as an animal advocate, proud to say this product is NOT tested on animals. I love that it is also herb infused with Rosemary. I am an avid home gardener, and used it on my hands after gardening. It glides on easily and it is clear. No greasy feel, and made my hands look and feel moisturized and well cared for. I also used it on my lips to prevent chapping. Again, went on effortlessly with no greasy film, and kept my lips soft and pampered. I would definitely recommend Waxelene to anyone that wants to use a chemical free beauty product!

--Kitty S

This is a very good product with a wide range of uses. Its light enough to wear on lips to prevent chapping and also good as a moisturizer for dry and cracking skin.I found it quite effective for my needs. I would recommend this product in place of regular Vaseline, Its light, wont clog your pores and has a great smell. Its worth purchasing since it has many uses.

--Roshall F

I absolutely love this for removing eye makeup residue after washing my face. I use a waterproof mascara and when I washed my face I would still have the black rings under my eyes from it...I would just dab a little bit of this on it making sure not to get any in my eyes....let it sit for about 30 seconds to a minute and it would all wipe right off....Didn't even have to rub hard....LOVE IT for this...Took it all right off. I also used it for lip balm and it did a great job.!!! The only thing I didn't like is that it came out kind of clumpy but I assume that was from the type if sample package it was in......good product.

--Stacy F

I absolutely love this product i was glad i could try it i was suffering from really chap lips starting 3 days before i got and i dont like others because they feel like greasy but this one went on smooth and helped heal my poor burning lips .I would recommend for sure it works great. I would buy this again when i run out of the cute little samples i got.


Waxelene is the perfect substitute for petroleum jelly. In fact I'd go so far as to say that it's superior to petroleum jelly. It has a pleasant mild scent, and actually absorbs into the skin without leaving a greasy layer like petroleum jelly tends to do. I could definitely see myself using Waxelene regularly.

--April J

OMW I LOVE THIS!!!! First of all i have Very sensitive skin. I had no issues with this product. It isn't greasy, it has taken 10 years off my hands!!! The smell is a lightly wood (of some type. I just can't put my finger on this pleasant smell). It does take awhile to be completely absorbed into my hands (which isn't a bad thing since it isn't greasy). I seriously want to know where i can buy this... so if anyone can tell me please let me know.

--Lori T

Waxelene is a great replacement for petroleum jelly. I used it to remove my makeup, on my child's diaper area, and to moisturize and it did the same job petroleum jelly does but better. When I smell it I can smell the Rosemary oil in it and I like that it doesn't have an un natural perfume smell. I definitely would recommend this product and will probably purchase it after I have gone through all the samples.


I really like Waxelene. First, I used it as a chapstick (me & the boyfriend had pretty chapped lips) and it worked amazingly. Then we used it on dry parts of our skin, once again, works amazing. I love everything about this product - very natural, very soft. Highly recommended!


This is my first time hearing about an alternative to petroleum jelly and I was excited when I got chosen to try it. I mostly use it on my lips and I can definitely feel and see an improvement to my lips which can be dry or cracked sometimes whenever I use lip product. I also tried it on my face where I have dry spots. There's improvement in those areas as well. Waxelene doesn't feel heavy or suffocating. I would definitely buy the product once I'm done with my samples ;)

--Jean C

Holy FREAKING cow!!! I absolutely LOVE this stuff!I must confess, when I first opened the sample container and squeezed out the Waxelene, I was taken aback a bit. I was a little afraid of the consistency. I used it in place of my petroleum jelly on my legs pre-shaving (to
prevent the loss of moisture that occurs in the shower and causes the itchy dryness afterwards... petroleum jelly ROCKS at this as it is water soluble) and OMG, not only did it work just as well, it worked BETTER. Normally, the Vaseline leaves behind a greasy mess, what with Vaseline being Vaseline and all, but Waxelene did NOT, it gave me all of the BENEFITS of Vaseline... the still moist, not dried or itchy skin post shave, the smooth, shininess of Vaseline, but not all the overly greasiness. It was just right and that is JUST PERFECT. Oh PLEASE tell me where I can buy this glorious stuff!?!

--Mary B

"I LOVE Waxelene because it's amazing on my sons super sensitive skin!!! I give it to all new mothers, it's definitely a must have."

--Jennifer Jensen

"I first discovered Waxelene when I picked up a tube at the grocery store. When I got a bad sunburn on July 4th, I was frantically looking for something to soothe the burn. I applied Waxelene and it worked! I didn't even peel! Now I use it for everything from a makeup remover, lip moisturizer, on my cuticles, on my feet, the list is endless! I love you Waxelene!"

--Kimberly Todd

"No product out on the market has ever provided such relief to dry chapped hands & skin. The best part about it is it's petroleum free & has only 4 all natural ingredients..... It's on my vanity counter right now ready to be used at a moments notice. During the winter, my sons eczema becomes so inflamed, other products cause burning & irritation & he can't take the pain. Since we've been using this, I no longer have my son crying from the burn. He gladly lathers it on & feels content & by the next day the inflammation has been reduced to nothing. I'm grateful that I received samples in my Conscious Box monthly subscription.. I would have never seen this product. I'm happy that I'm able to find it at CVS & gladly tell everyone about you. A local health food Store will now be carrying your product because I marketed you all to them. Very content... ; )"

--Corie Benavidez Dilley

"Why do I love #waxelene? Because it removes the caked on mascara under my eyes, it moisturizes my "chicken skin" arms, it is my night time face moisturizer, my lip balm. If you have skin on your body...you absolutely need this product."

--Rebecca DeLawder Linn

"I love Waxelene because it is the ONLY thing that helps my daughters eczema!"

--Joelle Sailers

"I love it because its natural. I use it on my hands, arms, legs, to remove makeup, under my eyes at night, and rub a bit into my eyebrows before plucking to ease the pain. #waxelene."

--Terri Lynn Shelton Barger

"I love waxelene! I use it for hands, feet and diaper area. I really love it to soothe the red chapped skin on my baby's neck. It also smells so heavenly! Thank you for making such a wonderful product!"

--Heather Hobbs

"Waxalene has been awesome on my daughters diaper rash! I had tried 4 other (supposed) natural products that did nothing to help, but only 2 applications of Waxalene and rash was GONE! Awesome stuff!"

--Patty Bloom Bucken

"My mom had severe dry skin from poor circulation - I brought over a large jar of waxelene and it's like a miracle her skin looks amazing! Thank you from my mom. She was so uncomfortable and now has relief at least from the dry skin."

--Laurie Ehrhardt

"As an eyebrow specialist, I look for products that have natural ingredients & do not irritate the skin-especially skin near the delicate eye area. Waxelene fits the bill perfectly. It is a gentle organic based product, with only four ingredients: vitamin E, soybean oil, beeswax, and rosemary and can be used on the entire face & body.

We get consistent, positive feedback from clients that Waxelene does not clog their pores or causes skin breakouts following hair removal treatments. This product is a wonderful Godsend for our clients. Thank you for putting this great product on the market."

--Elke Von Freudenberg, Celebrity Brow Specialist The Elke Von Freudenberg Salon

"OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love it!!!!  I have had this product for less than 24 hours and I can feel the difference already.  I am a nurse and my hands are a mess from using the alcohol foam we have to use at work........my hands were so dry the skin just tears and splits over my knuckles and bleeds all over.....not cool to bleed on your patients!!  Any other creams, lotions and potions I've tried would just burn when I tried them on my raw/dry hands...but not Waxelene...........it's fantastic.......I feel like my hands are healing and there is nothing painful when I put it on my skin......I will be a customer for life.....Keep up the great work!!  You have no idea how amazed I am, I'm going back to buy all the stock I can find and give some to my friends and family too!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! YOU have no idea how happy I am right now!!  Such a small thing, but such a great thing!! Thank you again!!"

--Brenda D., Toronto

"I am SO glad I found waxelene at my local Bed, Bath & Beyond store.  I have been looking for an alternative to vaselene for my lips for some time and nothing else I've used has worked.  I wanted the same kind of  coverage/protection that vaselene gave me and your product is wonderful.  It feels just as protective yet even better than vaselene.  So so glad that you make this. "


"Hey guys, just wanted to tell you how much I love your product! I'm lying here with the flu this week, and my nose was getting very irritated from all the tissues. I happened to remember that I had received a sample size of Waxelene in my Conscious Box last month, so I decided to try it. Wow, what a life saver! Even though I feel miserable, my nose is wonderful! Not greasy or sticky, doesn't smell, AND I won't have that ugly, flaky dry skin nose next week. Thanks, guys! I'm hooked! :)"

--Jennifer Gobel-Lewis

"I just want to say I love love Waxelene!!! This product has worked so well on my baby's bottom and helped get rid of his diaper rash. Thank you!"

--Heather Brown Adams

"I just want to tell you how much I love Waxelene. I'm trying to find natural, good-for-me, good-for-the-planet alternatives to the products I normally use and Waxelene has become part of my beauty routine. I use it as a lip moisturizer, for dry patches on my face, and on my hands and cuticles. I've tossed the icky jars of Vaseline I used to use and will never go back to. Thank you for this product!"

--Joanna L.

"Waxelene offers the perfect balance of being both a natural product and working in many adverse conditions. It keeps rashes away and doesn’t impact the longevity of my not so natural surf trunks and wetsuits. This product suits my lifestyle really well and I am glad it’s on the market."

--Ryan Seelbach, Mavericks Invitational contestant

"As a professional surfer, based in Northern California I use wetsuits a lot! That means putting on damp or wet wetsuits is inevitable, which means skin rashes are bound to occur... when that happens, it's awesome to count on Waxelene to sooth those rashes and know that it's a natural product. I also use Waxelene for burnt or chapped lips - a regular occurrence, if you are in the ocean a lot!"

--Joao DeMacedo, 4th place on 2011/2012 big wave world tour

"To the wonderful makers of Waxelene: I just wanted to let you know that in just three days of using Waxelene as my nightly moisturizer the eczema that I have been struggling with for years on my face and around my mouth has improved significantly! And my face has an all around glow that I never thought I could have with my terrible combination skin. Waxelene doesn't break me out at all, in fact, I think it may be helping to heal my breakouts and blemishes which is another miracle! Thank you so much for this incredibly simple and amazing product that has returned so much self confidence to this twenty-four year old. This is my go to miracle solution that I will be recomending to anyone who may compliment my skin in the future...because I'll be expecting compliments now! I can't thank you enough!!"


"My whole family uses Waxelene. Especially my daughter. She gets dry, scaly patches on her face but every other product she's tried (including from her doctor!) break her skin out. Waxelene is like a miracle for her! She uses it every night and it does wonders! Thank you for such a wonderful product!!"


"I finally found your product at Whole Foods...so excited...so far it has made my lips soft and less dry...my hands as well...I bought a small jar but will bump up to the bigger jar in order to moisturize the entire family...

Thanks for such an awesome product!"