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Victoria Kirby, Redbook Beauty Director

Makeup artist Fiona Stiles (she works with Halle Berry) turned me on to Waxelene, ($6.99; amazon.

"...I recently tried this petroleum jelly alternative and now I can’t stop using it. I love it! I use it to remove makeup and to moisturize my lips.

--Christy Coleman, Natural Beauty Expert

"I am always looking for a Vaseline replacement as creating shine and highlights are a necessary part of being a makeup artist.


"I first learned about this beeswax-based balm from my former editor at Lucky, Jean Godfrey-June.

--Brittney Stephens, Editorial Asst.

"...Petroleum jelly has long been heralded for its ability to moisturize dry skin and heal burns and scars, but recently it's been revealed that the product may pose health risks over time.

"...A new song for Stone Temple Pilots to write; this balmy goodness is far superior to Vaseline."


"Beauties, I’m madly and passionately in love with a superb product called Waxelene. Never in my life have I been more impressed with a beauty product, and that is saying a lot.

"Ok, so petroleum jelly isn't a very sexy product is it? But ohhh it has so many uses. I hate to admit we have a tub in our bathroom.


"Hello, my name is Erin, and I am a Vaseline addict. I use Vaseline up to four times a day, slathering it on various body parts and compulsively applying it to my lips, cuticles and feet.

Mary Beth Isaac, Momanthology

"I love the benefits of using petroleum jelly but not the potential risks.

Jolene Hart

"I can honestly say that I’ve never been a fan of petroleum jelly. Not Vaseline, not Aquaphor, or anything similar.

Ashlee Hillier

"Petroleum Jelly has been known as an inexpensive do-it-all beauty product for decades.

Caroline Leavitt

"There was a time when every bathroom had to have petroleum jelly. It was the go-to product for cuts, scrapes, soothing skin, and healing diaper rash.

Jen Adkins

Waxelene: The Petroleum Jelly Alternative (4.5 out of 5 stars)

"Waxelene is an organic, all-natural product that they say is an alternative to petroleum jelly. (aka Vaseline)

All Natural Katie

"I cannot tell you why I never made the connection that Petroleum Jelly comes from Petroleum! Sounds like an easy 2+2=4. Right?

Fabuless Beauty

"Eco-beauties, say Hello to the petroleum jelly alternative, Waxelene! So what exactly is Waxelene? Waxelene is the eco-friendly petroleum jelly alternative.

Theresa Gould

"Say no to petroleum! Please help us spread the word! We want you and everyone you care about to know that there is an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum jelly…Waxelene!

Jennie Yuen

"Waxelene, an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum jelly. Why?

Karen, Naturally Beautiful Hair Blog

"I wanted to let you all know about a great product called Waxelene. It is an organic alternative of vaseline/petroleum jelly.


"Consider the fact that every time we lick our Chapstick-coated lips, we're ingesting a little bit of petroleum--not an ideal situation, by any means.