FREE Nationwide Shipping On All Orders.

FREE Nationwide Shipping On All Orders.

Our Mission

To create the most effective personal care products using only pure, natural and organic ingredients.

The Waxelene team goes the extra mile to bring you the most luxurious and effective formulations at the best possible prices. Using our patented aeration process and extra love, we make breathable, soothing botanical ointments for all of your skin care needs and more!

Waxelene’s Story:

Waxelene’s Story began in San Francisco California where Todd Cooper and Ejyo Remington set out to create an alternative to petroleum jelly using all natural ingredients.

After countless trial batches, they created a process that made the silky, breathable, waterproof texture known today as Waxelene. After giving it to friends to try, everyone was begging for more. Todd and Ejyo put this magical creation in glass jars and brought it to local stores. It was an instant hit! Waxelene was a best seller in all 40 Northern California Whole Foods less than a year after being created. It wasn’t long before Waxelene was found on the shelves of over 15,000 retail stores, including Whole Foods, Sprouts, CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and many more!