The Best Lip Balm Ever:

The Best Lip Balm Ever:
March 25, 2016 Tara

Reviewer: The Organic Life: Many people ask me how they can prevent themselves and their family from using products that may be harmful.  Well, you have all the power, and I am so happy to introduce the Whole Foods exclusive Peppermint Waxelene lip balm as an affordable, sustainable alternative!! If you’re already a Waxelene fan, then your favorite organic, petroleum jelly alternative has now gotten even better! This new little balm contains just 5 simple, organic ingredients that effectively hydrate, treat dry skin and even give a natural plumping effect to the lips. Plus, the soothing, tasty, organic peppermint makes it totally addicting! I use Waxelene for everything – from dry cuticles, a hair growth lotion, a great hair mask, or a perfect eye balm. Waxelene is a great compliment to any makeup look – it has 100 different uses, from a natural shine to moisturizing feet, hands and your body! You can use your peppermint Waxelene has a natural lip plumper, a relaxing lotion or a hip lip balm.  Waxelene is also aerated so it doesn’t clog pores.  Makes a quick and easy makeup remover, and is great for acne prone or sensitive skin. Organic soy oil, organic rosemary, beeswax, organic vitamin e, organic peppermint oil. Waxelene Peppermint lip balms are available exclusively nationwide at Whole Foods Market in the coming weeks.


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  1. Wendy 2 years ago

    Waxelene is an exceptional product. I have used it for healing after having a mole removed and I am so satisfied with how it protects the skin and nourishes it. It rules. Even when it comes to a simple use like moistuizing your hands, wow, so smooth and it penetrates but not without leavimg this beautiful, subtle sheen to the skin. I thought I’d put it to the test on my calves because they get ashy. I have used coconut oil, which I believe can be nice to use and I mix it with essential oils, but waxelene, I’m not trying to say anything is wrong with coconut oil (maybe I’ll mix it with waxelene!) waxelene is so gratifying, it really moisturizes more effectively. the next day my calves were still soft and adding more waxelele was not necessary. This product is superior to other moisturizers. I have gottrn results that I didn’t anticipate. Best lip balm, great for dry skin, try it on cracked skin on hands and feet. Awesome stocking stuffer.

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