Waxelene – The Organic and Natural Petroleum Jelly Alternative

Waxelene – The Organic and Natural Petroleum Jelly Alternative
March 29, 2013 waxelene

Reviewer: –Amanda Tippit, Outnumbered 3 to 1 Website: http://www.outnumbered3-1.com/2013/03/waxelene-organic-and-natural-petroleum.htmll The winter always brings with it the expectation of irritated and dry skin. Even though we have four humidifiers in our home, I still feel as if I am becoming a raisin. My tot has also inherited my severely dry skin, so we both have a need for moisture. Generally the products that might be not-so-bad for me are not-so-okay for him though; like most of us Moms, we always protect our children from harmful additives without thinking so much of ourselves.

I’ve been working to change my mind on that concept through the last few years. As I get older I realize how equally important it is to keep my skin healthy just as much as my inner body. Now when I look for products for my son’s skin, I also look for the same natural and wholesome products for myself. One of the products we have gotten to try recently is Waxelene, a petroleum jelly alternative that is safe for babies (which means it is safe for Mommy & Daddy too).


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