Waxelene Review

Waxelene Review
April 15, 2013 waxelene

Reviewer: Kay Swederski, Kaisy Daisy’s Corner Website:

In my search for natural and organic products I have stumbled on Waxelene®.  It is the alternative to petroleum jelly, but has NO petroleum in it. Waxelene® creates the same waterproof barrier that doctors recommend petroleum jelly for -but it contains no petroleum or hydrogenated oil. I have used Waxelene® and really like the results.  I have a dry patch on the top of my foot and it penetrates my skin better and leaves my skin moisturized, protected, and smooth. The protection last for hours and is water and sweat resistant. It is not greasy or sticky. It goes on clear. Waxelene® contains Organic Soybean Oil, 100% Natural Beeswax, Organic Rosemary Oil, and 100% Natural Vitamin E Oil everything natural. The packaging is even eco-friendly. It comes in a recyclable glass jar with a metal lid and they use 100% post-consumer recycled boxes. There facility even runs 100% on wind power. If a company does all that you know that they care about the people who use there products and about the world around them. Waxelene® has tons of uses including soothing and moisturizing chapped dry skin, lips, elbows, knees. It is a help for eczema & psoriasis.  You can use it to remove make-up, on dry or chapped hands or feet.  Great for babies and reducing diaper irritation or cradle cap.  I could go on an on about the many uses of  Waxelene. You can buy Waxelene® HERE online or at many local stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond, New Seasons, and CVS.  I think once you try Waxelene® you will not go back to petroleum jelly.  

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