Waxelene All Natural Petroleum Jelly Alternative Review

Waxelene All Natural Petroleum Jelly Alternative Review
January 24, 2013 waxelene

Reviewer: Heidi Avelino, Natural Beauty Lifestyle Website:

For this product review I tried Waxelene, a beeswax-based natural skin care product. I purchased the 2 OZ jar of Waxelene from Whole Foods Market for $6.99. A Natural Alternative to Waxelene is the all natural alternative to petroleum jelly. Regular petroleum jelly is composed of petrolatum, a semisolid mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum. 1 Waxelene All Natural Ingredients

  • Organic Soy Oil;
  • Beeswax;
  • Natural Vitamin E Oil;
  • Organic Rosemary Oil.

Waxelene is composed of all natural ingredients an has a score of 0, indicating low hazard, in EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. Packaging Waxelene comes in a reuseble and recyclable glass jar with a metal lid. It contains 2oz (57g) of product. The jar has a cute paper label with a bumble bee design. Promises Waxelene can be used for skin protection and moisturizing, chafing prevention, make-up, and many other household needs. Waxelene also promises that it is a no-petroleum product, non-GMO, does not test on animals, and is biodegradable. Observations Waxelene has a sweet honey smell, from the beeswax. It is a pale yellow color in the jar. To remove the wax from the jar it helps to move your finger in a circular motion, to warm the wax up. Once applied, Waxelene is clear. Effectiveness Since Waxelene is an all-in-one type product, I tried a variety of uses. First I used it as a lip balm, which it works particularly well for, with its sweet beeswax scent. It left my lips moisturized and silky smooth. Next, I tried it as a face moisturizer. I would not use regular petroleum jelly on my face, but since this is a natural wax, I decided to give it a try. Normally my skin is oily. However, it is winter time and I just returned from a cold climate and my skin has been dry and peeling. I bought Waxelene as an intense moisturizer. The wax helped with my dry skin, but left a shiny glow. I would not recommend using this on your face if you do not like to have a shiny face. I also tried Waxelene on my cuticles, where it absorbed in nicely. I wiped the excess off my fingertips with a tissue, so I would not have greasy fingers. Finally, I tried Waxelene on my chapped nose, which is how I normally use petroleum jelly. It works great for moisturizing and soothing dried chapped skin. Rating 5 / 5 stars    Waxelene earns its first star for containing 100% all natural ingredients. It earns another star for eco-friendly packaging. The cute little glass jar is both reusable and recyclable. It earns a third star for being effective as lip gloss or a moisturizer on chapped skin. Waxelene is also a good value for your money. It is more expensive than petroleum jelly, but much cheaper than many moisturizers. The final star is awarded for being a pleasure to use. I like the silky feel on my lips as a lip balm and the sweet beeswax smell for any use.  

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