Waxelene – A Great Beauty Find =)

Waxelene – A Great Beauty Find =)
June 17, 2013 waxelene

Reviewer: –Lesley Kim, Lesley Kim Website: http://lesley-kim.com/waxelene-a-great-beauty-find/ Hi everyone, I discovered this amazing product, waxelene, that I now will never live without. Waxelene is an alternative to petroleum jelly and is composed of four ingredients, organic soy oil, beeswax, vitamin e oil, and organic rosemary oil. Waxelene has a creamy texture that melts with your body temperature, much like cocoa butter or coconut oil, just softer. Waxelene also has a delightfully yummy smell that I absolutely love. I bought my 9 oz jar of Waxelene at Walgreens for about $11.00. Why am I in love with this product? Because it does almost everything! Being all natural also doesn’t hurt :). The jar states that Waxelene is used for skin protection and moisturizing, chafing prevention, makeup removal and many other household needs. My favorites uses for Waxelene: 1.) as lip butter. A little goes a long way. If you like, you can spoon waxelene in a small airtight container and take wherever you go. 2. Feet mask right before bedtime. Apply to feet and cover with cotton socks. Your feet will be baby soft when you wake up. 3.) night eye cream. 4.) moisturizer for those dry spots, like the elbows or over washed hands 5.) moisturizing mask. Apply on cleansed skin, then wipe off with a warm wet cloth. 6.) Moisturizing hair mask. Dampen hair, then apply a generous amount, covering all the strands. Leave on for at least 30 minutes. Shampoo and rinse off. xoxo, LesleyKim

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