The Avid Runner’s Secret to Beautiful Feet

The Avid Runner’s Secret to Beautiful Feet
March 11, 2013 waxelene

Reviewer: Dani Cee, Haute By Danicee Website: There is no denying it, as a runner your feet take a beating, no matter how great your running shoes are. Achieving sandal-worthy feet when you pound the pavement day after day seems impossible. Stop spending your spring breaks and summer days with your feet buried in the sand – this is your year to swim, dive and splash in the surf or lounge poolside with your feet up. There is an easy, affordable cure for “runner’s feet.” As an advocate for fitness, fashion and beauty, I have sought out the best beauty treatments for my weary soles. I have followed the advice of track stars interviewed in In Style magazine, but nothing has made my feet feel as silky soft as Waxelene. I know, I know, I sound a bit like an infomercial, but I am telling this all-natural moisturizing agent (advertised as the organic alternative to petroleum jelly) is an incredible foot exfoliant and smoother. I was a given a sample and was completely surprised by how much I liked it! Waxelene is all-natural and organic. The ingredient list is short and simple – you can actually pronounce every item on the list – there are no chemicals in this product. According to the Waxelene Summer Skincare Guide, there are several great ways to use Waxelene. While I have not tried them all, I can tell you that I now pamper my feet each evening with Waxelene. Rub it on, slide on a pair of socks and in the morning – it’s like magic – beautiful, smooth feet! You can also mix Waxelene with sugar (raw sugar works best) to create a natural moisturizing exfoliant to smooth calluses created by the miles you have tread. Waxelene is available online or at more than 8000 retailers across the U.S. and Canada. And, for only $6.99 for a two ounce jar, you don’t have to spend a lot to get and keep your feet silky soft all summer long.  

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