Mom-Tested: Waxelene

Mom-Tested: Waxelene
May 15, 2012 waxelene

Reviewer: Michele Huggins, Charlotte Parent Website: Waxelene is good stuff. An alternative to petroleum jelly, it’s great to prevent chafing, gentle and nontoxic for babies, and is great for rough feet and dry hands, or chapped lips. What makes it better than petroleum jelly, however, are its ingredients. It’s made from organic soybean oil, natural beeswax, rosemary oil and vitamin E oil. All really great things for your skin … and no petroleum, because really who wants to smear petroleum on herself? I have used it over and over on my toddler son when he had chafed cheeks in the winter, a boo-boo that needed a little attention. I also shared with my mom who says it’s awesome for helping keep feet and hands smooth and moisturized. It’s not greasy or sticky, has a nice, mild smell and goes on clear. Look for it at Whole Foods stores, Bed, Bath and Beyond, or order at Two-ounce jar, $6.99; 9-ounce jar, $15.99. And did I mention it lasts a long time!

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