Is There an Alternative to Petroleum Jelly? Yes, Waxelene!

Is There an Alternative to Petroleum Jelly? Yes, Waxelene!
March 28, 2013 waxelene

Reviewer: Cybele Parsignault, Cybele Says Website: I have a friend that carries a small plastic jar of a well-known petroleum jelly with her wherever she goes and is constantly applying it. So when I got hold of WAXELENE, I knew we would have to have an immediate meet up so I could have her try it; not so much so she could put something better on her lips but more so that I didn’t have to watch her slap it on every 5 minutes! Ha! What I also found out when we discussed the issue is that she has a tube or tub of something similar to the aforementioned in just about every nook and cranny around her – the car, the drawer in the coffee table and even a stash in her trunk just in case she runs out. So we learned about Waxlene together. It’s made up of 4 ingredients – Organic Soybean Oil, 100% Natural Beeswax, 100% Natural Vitamin E Oil and Organic Rosemary Oil. That’s it! So while we drank our coffee on this outing, we slathered it on our cuticles, the backs of our hands and of course lips and I scooped some out of my container into an empty one so she could try it out. When I checked back with her one week later, she said, and I quote, “…it seems to work very similar (to the petroleum-based products) but without the unnecessary chemicals.” I think we have a winner!  

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