Introducing the new natural alternative to petroleum jelly

Introducing the new natural alternative to petroleum jelly
October 22, 2012 waxelene

Reviewer: Kenyada Jones, Website: Over the years petroleum jelly has become one of the most avoided beauty products in the natural beauty world. While petroleum jelly has a reputation for sheen and sealing in moisture, it also has a reputation of clogging pores and hindering the skin from optimally performing as it should. Waxelene, the petroleum jelly alternative, is now being sold in Bed, Bath & Beyond stores across the nation. Composed of all natural ingredients, Waxelene has developed quite the reputation.

“Retailers and consumers have embraced Waxelene,” said Todd Cooper, CEO of Waxelene. “It’s an organic product which really appeals to those who are health or eco-conscious. It’s a wonderful baby product so moms have been really supportive. And it’s an amazing, multi-functional beauty and skin care product which has created a tremendous buzz for Waxelene.”

Composed of organic soybean oil, natural beeswax, organic rosemary oil and natural vitamin E oil, this new product is tempting to any eco-friendly natural beauty obsessor. Christy Coleman, a professional makeup artist had this to say, “Very soothing with a subtle scent of beeswax and rosemary, Waxelene has become a must in my kit. Unfortunately every hairdresser and model that I work with will often try to walk away with it. So now I make sure to carry 2 jars of it with me at all times.” To further support its commitment to eco-friendly living, this USA-based company packages the product in recyclable glass jars and produces the product in a wind-powered facility. Interested in learning more about how you can benefit from Waxelene®? Check out this Beauty Skin Care Guide! About Waxelene Waxelene is the eco-friendly alternative to petroleum jelly. It has the same protective, waterproofing, moisturizing and soothing properties that doctors love, but contains no petroleum or hydrogenated oils. Waxelene’s ingredients include natural beeswax and oils like vitamin E and organic rosemary which soak in and nurture skin cells. Waxelene’s patent-pending aeration process gives it a silky smooth texture that won’t clog pores. Committed to the environment and healthy living, the makers of Waxelene endeavor to become more sustainable every day. From using natural and organic ingredients, to packaging in recyclable glass jars (no plastic!), to implementing energy-efficient practices, Waxelene is striving to do its part to prepare for a petroleum-free future.  

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