Good-Bye Petroleum Jelly…Hello Waxelene

Good-Bye Petroleum Jelly…Hello Waxelene
November 11, 2012 waxelene

Reviewer: Laurie Carcieri, It’s a Glam Thing Website: Because of my personal experience with Petroleum Jelly, I am the perfect person to be given the opportunity to try Waxelene! Please let me start from the beginning…As I was growing up, my mom used Petroleum Jelly for everything–chapped lips, skin moisturizing, make-up removal, protection from the cold and wind burns, diaper rash and she even got rid of squeaky doors by applying the jelly to the door hinges and pins (I am serious). As I got older, I continued the tradition but I expanded my horizons with this product…I was waking up my leather shoes and boots with a wipe of the jelly on a soft cloth, getting chewing gum out of my daughter’s hair and removing scratches and rings on my wood furniture while massaging my cuticles. I could write a book, “1000 ways to use Petroleum Jelly!” I was addicted to Petroleum Jelly. If you ever watched “My Big Fat Greek wedding” with the “Windex”, well that is me and my family with Petroleum Jelly! You would think I owned stocks in the business. But in the back of my mind, I always wondered if this product was safe or was I harming my family? Surfing the web just confused me even more….. “it was a leftover residue created during the refinery of crude oil,” according to many — “One of the major concerns is that there is no way of determining how many PAH’s or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are contained in the petroleum. PAHs are potent pollutants and have been identified as carcinogenic, mutagenic, and teratogenic.” Ok, you’ve got to be kidding…. I just want that soft, silky protective feeling on my face knowing it is moisturizing my skin throughout the day, every day. So I did some researching for a natural alternative, to easy my mind and stop the worrying that I was putting my family in harm’s way. “Waxelene” the Petroleum Jelly alternative came my way!!! Let me tell you, this product has to be good to change my mind. It has to perform just like my lifelong friend Petroleum Jelly did and honestly, IT DID..and better !!! The best part about Waxelene are the benefits which are very important to me and my family: Non-petroleum base, eco-friendly, biodegradable, no GMOs, no parabens or artificial ingredients, smooth and silky consistency, ALL NATURAL, contains organic ingredients, water/sweat resistant, offers long lasting protection, no animal testing, goes on clear and MADE IN USA!!! I love that Waxelene has a hint of rosemary scent because it contains Organic Rosemary Oil. The scent is herby and woodsy, not strong like a rosemary plant! Waxelene absorbs and softens without leaving skin greasy and does not clog pores. It contains only four natural and organic ingredients: 100% natural Vitamin E oil, organic soybean oil, organic Rosemary Oil and 100% natural beeswax. Waxelene comes in a plastic free glass container with a metal lid which can be recycled and easy to store in my purse for daily use anywhere, anytime! Surprisingly, Waxelene has lived up to my childhood household product, if not better, and has put my mind at ease with it’s all natural and organic ingredients!! I SIMPLY LOVE IT!!! Good-Bye Petroleum Jelly — HELLO WAXELENE !!!  

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