Daisy’s Reviews – Waxelene

Daisy’s Reviews – Waxelene
April 15, 2013 waxelene

I was provided with a great opportunity to review Waxelene The Petroleum Jelly Alternative. Waxelene is has no petroleum what it does it creates a waterproof barrier so instead of petroleum jelly waxelene contains no petroleum nor hydrogenated oil  it only contains natural & organic ingredients, can be used on any kind of dry skin. Waxelene using recyclable glass jar, 100% plastic boxes, all natural ingredients their really commenting to a petroleum jelly free environment which is awesome! Waxlene is for many uses for body, hands, feet, face, lips that are chapping, stops chafing smooths windburns also its gentle & non-toxic for babies. I rather use waxelene than petroleum jelly because of the way it made my skin so silky soft and my elbows feels so renewed. I live in tropical place in the south and even with this extreme hot weather with regular petroleum it would wax my lips and melt and it looks so cakey and waxy i can’t even use regular petroleum jelly on my body with this kind of weather but with waxelene i had no problem at all since waxelene contains no petroleum therefore i had applied waxlene to my skin and went outside and my skin felt great extremely velvety smooth. It is very light scented hardly noticeable of hint which i smelled honey such a sweet light scent. The texture to waxelene is soft it looks greasy but its not once applied on skin it will absorb very quickly so unlike regular petroleum jelly that i would feel greasy and very waxy. I apply all over my body especially after a hot bath which waxelene makes my skin so soft and renewed.

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