All Natural Waxelene Review

All Natural Waxelene Review
April 24, 2013 waxelene

Reviewer: Maryann, Matthew’s Puzzle Website: I have a friend that told me she using petroleum jelly on her 8 year old son every single day. He has a bit of dry skin around his eyes and her pediatrician told her to use petroleum jelly daily to help alleviate the problem. I didn’t want to cringe when she said that but my mind was racing will just how bad petroleum jelly is and why on earth would a doctor recommend that for a young boy. I don’t like that it is made from petroleum, there are so many environmental and health concerns associated with that, that it could be a topic all it’s own. But what I did want to do was tell my friend about Waxelene. I had heard of Waxelene a few years ago and was really excited to have an opportunity to review it here on Matthew’s Puzzle. Waxelene calls itself the petroleum jelly alternative. It contains a whopping 4 ingredients, organic soy bean oil, 100% natural bees wax, organic rosemary oil and 100% natural vitamin E oil, and it has a ton of uses including moisturizing chapped skin, make-up removal or adding a dewy freshness to the skin, to treat diaper irritation, and does not have the deteriorating properties petroleum can have with certain materials.

Waxelene has a slightly earthy or green scent which I think comes from the rosemary oil. It is a pale yellow reminiscent of whipped honey. Unlike regular petroleum jelly, Waxelene does not leave an oily residue, but instead left my hands feeling very subtle. I also like it as an alternative to lipbalm.
Waxelene strives to be a green facility and a green product. Waxelene is packaged in glass jars with metal lids that can be recycled. The facility is powered with 100% wind power. Waxelene made sure their product, unlike those packaged in plastic containers, is not made with petroleum and can be recycled. Not all plastics can be recycled and often end up in landfills.
You can get a 2 oz jar of Waxelene for $6.99 on line, and it is available in some nationwide stores such as CVS, Whole Foods and Bed, Bath & Beyond.


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