About Us

Todd Cooper & Ejyo Remington have always wanted to make a difference in the world.

After researching the harmful effects of petroleum products in skin care, Todd and Ejyo were determined to make a natural alternative to petroleum jelly. It needed to be sustainable, effective and affordable for everyone. The two cooked up hundreds of test batches to find the perfect formula, starting in the garage and kitchen (a little cliche, but effective!)

Waxelene was born. The two invented an aeration process that makes a silky smooth texture and won’t clog pores. Waxelene is the first cosmetic product that provides a waterproof barrier for the skin that is breathable. Waxelene has been revolutionizing skincare ever since!

After making a splash with a variety of retailers in San Francisco, Waxelene’s quality and performance quickly landed the product in over 10,000 stores, bringing Waxelene to Whole Foods Market, CVS Pharmacy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sprouts, Pharmaca, Walgreens, Target & many more!